The Lodge’s Health & Safety

Dear Visitor, welcome to The Lodge!


We are proud of our facilities and also of our approach to our guests and visitor’s health and safety during your stay with us. It is our intention to ensure that to the best of our abilities, guests and visitors to our premises are safe, well looked after and cared for.

To that end please make yourself aware of our Health and Safety Policy which is displayed prominently for guests to see and our Health and Safety Code of Conduct, a copy of this is also attached to the visitor register you will sign on arrival.

We have an emergency plan that is prominently displayed and we urge you to read this when you arrive.

We also ask for your assistance should you observe something that may affect the safety of others, please advise us immediately so we can rectify it.

We bring your attention specifically to our policy in respect to the safety of children. We welcome children to our premises and want them to be safe at all times. We are happy to assist with any needs that your children may have and are happy to be asked – if we can help we certainly will!

All children under the age of 16 are to be fully supervised by a responsible adult over the age of 21 at all times, should this not occur we reserve the right to ask for them to leave the premises. There are a number of areas that are not suitable for unsupervised children and involve alcohol, water, steep drops, animals and moving and reversing vehicles.

All of our staff are fully trained to manage yours and their safety and should there be an emergency or an incident of any kind please report this to the Duty Manager present and ask us for any assistance you require.

Enjoy your stay at The Lodge!

    Child policy



    Many of our celebrations involve children of all ages at The Lodge.

    However, The Lodge has many unique areas that are very tempting for children to explore. In the interests of safety, please ensure that the children with you are supervised at all times – this is particularly important around forest areas, water, ponds and decking. Children are the sole responsibility of their caregiver or parents.


    At The Lodge we pride ourselves on creating and maintaining a relaxing and elegant environment for all of our guests. We ask that you ensure that children do not compromise the enjoyment of others and respect the areas created for guests’ enjoyment.

    Please do not allow your children to be left unsupervised, to run around through the dining and function rooms or accommodation at any time. This is for safety reasons as much as it is for the comfort of other guests.


    All family rooms have external exits to decking, porches, sea view and natural bush areas, which may be hazardous to unsupervised children.

    Children under the age of 14 years

    • Accommodation bookings involving children under the age of 14 are strictly by prior arrangement, so we can ensure that your family’s needs are met.
    • For safety reasons we ask that children under the age of 14 are not left alone in accommodation rooms under any circumstances. By prior arrangement, are happy to facilitate babysitting services if required.

    We are here to assist with your needs and to ensure your family enjoys your stay at The Lodge – let us know if there are any particular requirements you have and we’ll do our best to help.

    The Lodge Host Responsibility Policy

    • MINORS – All staff is conversant with the requirements of the Sale of Liquor Act 2012, which prohibits the sale of alcohol to minors (persons under the age of 18 years). Staff will require any person appearing to be under the age of 25 years to produce proof of identification and we adhere to a no ID any service any exceptions policy. It is also an offense to purchase liquor for a minor if you are not their legal guardian and anyone found doing so illegally will be asked to leave. Don’t be offended if we ask for ID – it is a legal requirement and we take it very seriously.
    • INTOXICATION- All staff are aware that the Sale of Liquor Act 2012 prohibits the sale of alcohol to intoxicated Persons and the presence of intoxicated persons on licensed premises.

    Signage is displayed on our premises stating intoxicated persons will not be served.

    Staff have been trained in how to recognise the signs of intoxication and any person displaying signs of intoxication will not be served further alcohol and may be asked to leave.

    Please don’t be offended – your safety and that of our patrons is our concern.

    • FOOD – All Lodge functions are accompanied by food to complement the event. And our staff will actively promote and encourage the consumption of food to slow the onset of intoxication.
    • NONALCOHOLIC AND LOW ALCOHOL BEVERAGES – The Lodge provides a range of non‐alcoholic and low‐alcohol beverages in all of our bars and chilled mineral water will be provided free of charge throughout all functions
    • SAFE TRANSPORT OPTIONS – We are always delighted to ensure that transport is called for you – a taxi service of your choice, dial a driver, friend or relative. Subject to availability The Lodge also offers

    Lodge style accommodation for function guests.

    • BYO ALCOHOL – Is not permitted unless by prior arrangement. Any alcohol brought onto the premises for consumption without prior agreement will be removed and returned on departure from the premises. This is to ensure compliance with the licensing act and amendments.
    • LICENCING HOURS AND COMPLIANCE- We adhere strictly to our licensing hours so please do not ask our staff to serve alcoholic beverages once the bar is closed. We also ask that all patrons vacate the premises within 30 minutes of the bar closing to comply with the Liquor Licensing Act. To further comply with our license requirements alcohol will not be served to take off the premises.
    • LIQUOR PROMOTIONS – No promotions encouraging the rapid consumption of alcohol or an excessive volume of alcohol will be either initiated or conducted on these premises. This includes alcohol inclusive function packages.

    As good hosts our expectation is that you will enjoy your visit to our premises. We will do all we can to offer you a safe, friendly and enjoyable environment. We ask that patrons act in a responsible manner and not disrupt or cause offence to other patrons and our staff. Refusal of service for any reason should be viewed as an indication we are concerned for your welfare and we take this very seriously.


    Our staff is aware and trained to understand that they must comply with their legal obligations under the Sale of Liquor Act and amendments. We ask for your support.

    Thank you for your support and patronage.